Why You Should Add Fresh Flowers to Your Home
By edgekw-com September 04, 2019

Fresh flowers are always a lovely treat to get from someone you love – but they can also be fun to just get for yourself. Most grocery stores have fresh flowers and plants you can add to your cart when doing your weekly shopping, and they don’t have to cost you a ton of money (you can save those more expensive, fancier bouquets for the special occasions you typically think of flowers for).

But why should you start adding in a few extra dollars a week or month to purchase fresh flowers for yourself? Aside from adding some beauty, life and color to your home, here are some benefits you can find from fresh flowers:

Flowers boost moods: It’s not just you – flowers make people happier. That’s the reason they are given to people who need a pick-me-up (like those in the hospital) and to say thank you or I love you on holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Studies have shown that flowers and plants reduce stress and anxiety and increase happiness. Many people see them as a sign of happiness, so boost your mood by adding a fresh bouquet to your home.

Flowers improve work: Flowers can improve your work life. If you work from home, place fresh flowers in your work area; if not, consider bringing some into your office. They can decrease stress, as well as increase your creativity. Flowers may also even boost your concentration. Sounds like a great way to get through a challenging project!

Flowers serve as decoration: You can even use flowers to decorate your living room, kitchen, office or bedroom. Seasonal flowers can add some varying color to a space, with different flowers rotating through each month. You can also add color to more monotone rooms, and brighten up darker spaces where natural light doesn’t always reach. One of the best things is that they make for quick and easy (and temporary) decorations, so you don’t need to spend hours creating a well-decorated space. Grab a vase, pitcher, jar or basket to hold your flowers, and you have a new decoration for the room!

Flowers are welcoming: One of the most common reasons people purchase fresh flowers is to create a welcoming space for guests. If you are hosting a party or having guests come stay for a few nights, flowers can create a warm, welcome environment Do you have a favorite kind of flower that you display regularly in your home? If not, these four reasons may help you find one to add to your space!

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